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How often do you step on the scale?

How often do you feel bad once you do?

When we step on the scale and allow it to make us feel ashamed, we’re giving an inanimate object the power to affect our self-esteem and our self-worth.

While there’s no doubt that many of us have a weight loss goal, we cannot allow our body weight to primarily dictate how we feel about ourselves and our bodies.

When it comes to fitness, there’s more to measure than simply your body weight. Measuring your body fat, your strength, and assessing how well your body moves– all paint a clearer picture of just how fit and healthy you truly are.

Is it time for you to ditch your scale?

Watch the video below and decide for yourself…

Ken Diaz Founder, Rock Fit
Ken Diaz
Founder, Rock Fit


May 9, 2016by Rock Fit0


On our most recent video on YouTube we talked about which supplement women should take to lose weight effectively and get more energy throughout the day.


(In case you missed the video, you can watch it here)


We’d like to continue talking about “Best Supplements For Women“, but this time about Protein – why you need it, daily intake, hormone in-balances, when to take it, and which protein powder is the best.


If you’re already working out with weights or thinking about joining a fitness program, our advice is to always take protein powder, before or after your workout, to replenish the muscles, and especially if you are lifting weights.


To lose fat and shed weight we need a certain amount of protein. Protein helps us become fat burning machines–and protein powders are highly recommended for women that work out using weights.


To learn more about protein powders, watch the video above.



Ken Diaz Founder, Rock Fit
Ken Diaz
Founder, Rock Fit
P.S.  If you feel sluggish, and struggle to get up and get moving in the morning, then check out our 28 Day Summer Fitness Challenge. We’re accepting applications by May 30th.