4 Weeks to Fat-Loss

Are You Ready for This?

Get on the fast track with Rock Fit’s “4 Weeks to Fat-Loss” program!  This is a serious results-driven program that demands your commitment to achieve success.  If you devote yourself to this program, however, you will lose inches, shed pounds of fat, and find out what it takes to transform your body and lifestyle.

This program is delivered to you in the form of streaming videos, audio, PDF documents, and emails.  It will move at a brisk pace to help you achieve results FAST.  If your main goal is to lose fat now and ask questions later–then this program is right for you!


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Video Lectures

Weekly presentations explain which foods to eat, how to train with cardio and weights, and how to
burn fat while you sleep!
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Facebook Support

Gain instant access to an exclusive Facebook support group where you can share experiences,
troubleshoot, and learn from others as you progress.

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Virtual Coaching

Learn different ways to achieve fat-loss and how you can tailor those methods to fit your lifestyle.  Our own wellness coach will help you find practical solutions that fit you.

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Tools, Guidelines, and More…

Transform your body with motivational emails, shopping lists, food logs, proposed eating schedules, and proven guidelines to light your metabolic fire!









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*30 Day Guarantee: If this program does not help you lose inches, shed pounds of weight, or learn new ways to transform your body, contact us within 30 days to get your money back–guaranteed!


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