Welcome to Rock Fit

Welcome to Rock Fit  

Look Leaner.   Get Stronger.  Feel Confident About Your Body.

McLean's most effective personal training studio for women, offers custom-built fitness and nutrition programs--
guaranteed to help our members and clients achieve their dream body and lifestyle.

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Rock Fit has been featured in Fairfax Woman Magazine for providing a progressive, results-driven health & fitness experience, through holistic personal training programs, in a supportive, conscientious, and accepting environment with like-minded women. Unlike other personal trainers, who don't listen, pay attention, or have the knowledge to empower you, Rock Fit delivers fun, feel-better workouts, with trainers that act as a source of encouragement by listening and being attentive to the specific needs of the individual.

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Hi Ladies,

Welcome to Rock Fit!  If you've found our website, then you're likely here for one or more of the following reasons:
        1. You’re looking for a knowledgeable source for fitness and nutrition
        3. You want to gain strength and confidence in your body
        5. You want to know the TRUTH about female fat-loss and how to properly lose weight for good
  ...And we're glad you're here!

If you are truly serious about achieving significant health and fitness results, and getting the body you've always wanted, then Rock Fit is your solution. Don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at our client success stories to see how other women from the Falls Church, Arlington, and McLean areas decided to make a difference in their lives (as well as the lives of their families) by enrolling in our personal training programs.

Are you finally ready to change your body for good? If so, then fill out the form to schedule your Complimentary Fitness Consultation, that's a $97 value! We'll share details about our training programs and how we can help you achieve the strong and confident body you want in the most effective ways possible.  

To your Fitness Success,  

Ken Diaz Founder, Rock Fit
Ken Diaz                         Founder, Rock Fit

Serving McLean, Falls Church, Arlington, Vienna, and Tyson's Corner areas.


Latest Blog Posts

FIT&Lean Transformation Project – Fall 2015


We’re excited to announce our Fit & Lean Transformation Project for Fall 2015!

We are looking for 18 women that want to transform their bodies and not only like…but LOVE how they feel by the end of 2015!

This 12 week program will be very hands on with unique training and nutrition/lifestyle coaching to change habits.

Because of the limited space, we’re requesting only serious inquiries and applications. Positive attitude required!

To learn more and apply, inquire here –> http://j.mp/FitLeanProjectInMcLeanVA

Late Night Cravings for Carbs and Sugar?

3 Keys to Prevent Late Night Cravings for Carbs and Sugar:

  1.  Eat more lean protein during the day, especially on workout days.
  2.  Reduce and manage stress by making yourself a priority
  3.  Monitor your quantity and quality of sleep using a Fitness Activity Tracker


Contact us at 703-431-0442 to schedule a fitness diagnostic consult and discover which
Rock Fit training program best suits your personal fitness goals and needs.

4th of July Holiday Eating Hacks

Four 4th of July Holiday Eating Hacks to prevent weight gain and fat storing–courtesy of Rock Fit personal training studio in McLean, VA.

1) Choose Protein and Veggies, first…
2) Workout!
3) Backload your Carbs…
4) Don’t skip Healthy Meals leading up to your feast!

Rock Fit empowers women to get leaner, stronger, healthier, and happier, so they can enjoy an active lifestyle for themselves and for their families.

Serving McLean, Falls Church, Arlington, Fairfax, Vienna, Great Falls, and Reston VA.

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