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     Don't go it alone....
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 Don’t go it alone–build a support group.


Recently at the start of a personal training session, one of my fitness clients said, “It’s hard to make healthy eating choices when I’m out with co-workers and friends…”

Now, I’ve heard variations of this statement by many of my clients over the years.  Usually, it goes something like this…

It’s hard for me to make healthy eating choices while I’m…

  • On vacation
  • At a party
  • Out with a loved one
  • Out with my family
  • Enjoying the holidays
  • Going on a flight / trip


Does this sound like you?  Have you, or those you care about, been in these situations before?

Most of us struggle with healthy eating habits in social settings.  When co-workers, friends, or loved ones ask us tough questions, it’s so much easier to just give in rather than facing the onslaught of doubters and worriers…

“Why are you passing on the pancakes?”

“Who eats a burger without the bun?”

“C’mon, it won’t hurt you to have just one (drink / cupcake / insert-your-greatest-weakness-here)!”

Giving in to these social pressures is called situational eating.  You’ve heard of a social drinker?  Well this person could be referred to as a “social eater”.

Now, if you’re living a long-lasting Rock Fit lifestyle, rather than trying diet and exercise for the umpteenth time, then you have nothing to be ashamed of.  I feel your pain and am also guilty of giving in to temptation on more than one occasion.

If you’re a social eater, raise your hand and say I…

” I !!! “

Good!  Now there are three things that you’ll need to address these situations:

  1. Preparation
  2. Communication
  3. Support Group


Who's got your back when it comes to making better health & fitness choices?

Who’s got your back when it comes to health & fitness?

What’s in a Support Group?

Your support group is comprised of the people that stand by your side when making health & fitness choices.  This is where having a Rock Fit Coach and Personal Trainer really comes in handy.  A good health & fitness professional will keep you accountable to your goals and serve as a constant reminder as to why you need to master certain health & fitness habits.

Beyond your fitness trainer and coach, there are also other key people in your life that could, and hopefully should, be in your support group.

This could be your spouse or loved one, a parent, a brother or a sister, or a great friend that has your overall well being in mind.  The key is to get these people on board with your health & fitness plan early on.  To do that, you’ve got to communicate with them what your fitness goals are and why you are pursuing them.  Express your goals and motivation to them in an honest and confident way and see how they respond.

Prepare yourself by envisioning yourself talking to a good friend who doesn’t know about your latest health & fitness goals, yet.  Or–even better–pretend you’re talking to an acquaintance, someone you’re not buddy-buddy with, but who will likely ask you why it is you’re eating or drinking a certain way.

You could say something as simple as, “Thanks for asking!  You know, I’m on a great health & fitness program and I’m training to (insert goals here).  So, I’d love to have your support in helping me reach my goals.”

The person you communicate this to may be taken aback by your candidness.  And, you might be surprised by their reply.


“Do yourself a favor and join a group of like-minded people.”

The next time a friend, co-worker, or loved one questions your eating habits, take it as an opportunity to see if you can get them on board your success train by inviting them to join your support group.

When it comes to your health & fitness choices, remember…

Those who matter don’t mind.  And, those who mind, don’t matter.


Ken Diaz, Founder, Rock Fit






Founder, Rock Fit

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There’s a reason why most people fail to lose weight and keep the fat off for good. This reason can be illustrated by the analogy of baking a cake. As human beings, we crave certainty and love to think in terms of exact quantities and black & white thinking. Basically, we want recipes that tell us exactly what to do. When it comes to burning fat, however, recipes don’t teach us how to make things work with our unique bodies, lifestyles, and personal preferences.



If you wanted to bake a cake, you could get the exact recipe and steps to follow. Even if you baked that cake perfectly, however, it would not make you a baker. What if you did not have all the exact ingredients? Would you know how to adjust the ingredients and still bake a great-tasting cake? If you took the time to learn the ins and outs of baking–you would! But, if all you did was follow recipes, you would not learn where to start, eventually get frustrated, and ultimately fail.

There is some benefit in following a recipe, but only in the beginning, and only if it results in learning how and why you are taking each step. Following a recipe CAN allow you to become familiar with some of the rules of baking and some of the ingredients that are required in all cakes. The problem comes when circumstances change, you lack all the right ingredients, and realize you’re missing the right tools. That’s what happens when you become so dependent on a recipe that nothing makes sense without it.

Can you see how this relates to body change? Following a strict meal plan or predefined workout schedule can become an issue if you never learn how your own body responds and reacts to those changes. Why are we so intent on having meal plans and recipes if we can’t function without them? Instead, it may be a great idea to learn how and why, so you can figure it out on your own. One-size fits-all plans only work for certain people, in certain situations, under certain conditions.

To achieve fast fat-loss, a recipe CAN be valuable, but only if it teaches you how to adjust, so as to not rely on it alone. A good recipe should be a stepping stone to learning and understanding, not a crutch that you become reliant on. You need to know how to take the information, learn from it, and be able to apply those lessons over the long run to maintain positive fat-loss results.

If you want to successfully keep the fat off, then you may need to become a baker and stop settling for a single cake recipe. Luckily, Rock Fit has designed the 4 Weeks to Fat-Loss program to do just that. We give you a recipe for quick results, but also teach you how to use that recipe to develop a real understanding about your body for long-lasting success.

Check out our4 Weeks to Fat-Loss program to start the new year off right!